Trade Management Calculator, TMC User Guide, 2 CEO Spreadsheets & CEO and Exit Strategy Books

This is a BCI-developed streamlined approach to covered call writing which includes:

  • Portfolio Setup Spreadsheet
  • Portfolio Results Spreadsheet
  • Trade Management Calculator (TMC)
  • TMC User Guide
  • Exit Strategies for Covered Call Writing and Selling Cash-Secured Puts (PDF)
  • Covered Call Writing: A Streamlined Approach (PDF)


Both spreadsheets can be accessed by clicking on the tabs at the bottom

Covered Call Writing: A Streamlined Approach.

details how to enter, manage and calculate results of this user-friendly and time-efficient approach to writing covered calls:


1. Strategy Overview

2. Basics of Stock Options

3. Basics of Stock Selection

4. Basics of Option Selection- Lowering our Cost-Basis

5. How to Construct our Monthly Portfolios

6. Trade Executions

7. Basics of Position Management

8. Strategy Implementation

9. January Contracts

10. February Contracts

11. March Contracts

12. April Contracts


13. May Contracts

14. June Contracts

15. July Contracts

16.August Contracts

17. September Contracts

18. October Contracts

19. November Contracts

20. December Contracts

21. Lessons Learned & Conclusions


I. CEO Portfolio Setup Spreadsheet

II. CEO Results Spreadsheet

III. Trade Management Calculator
IV. CEO Strategy Flow Chart


About the Author


The Blue Collar Investor’s Guide to:
Exit Strategies for Covered Call Writing and Selling Cash-Secured Puts:

This book details how to enter, manage and calculate trade adjustments for all market conditions. After we select the underlying security and sell the corresponding option, we immediately move into position management mode. There are over 20 exit strategies defined, as well and when and how to implement these plans.

The BCI Trade Management Calculator facilitates the analysis of each exit strategy by showing initial trade entries, initial trade calculations for both each individual trade as well as that of the entire portfolio. From there we learn how to enter our trade adjustments and finally to calculate trade and total portfolio post-adjustment results.

The book contains 27 chapters:

Section I. Exit Strategies for Covered Call Writing
1. What is Covered Call Writing? Intro and Preview Example
2. Allowing Exercise
3. Buy Back Option/ Keep Stock
4. Expire Worthless
5. Hitting a Double/ Keeping Stock
6. Hitting a Double/ Selling Stock
7. Mid-Contract Unwind Exit Strategy
8. Rolling-Down/ Keeping Stock
9. Rolling-Down/ Selling Stock
10. Rolling-In
11. Rolling-Out
12. Rolling Out-And-Up to an ITM Strike
13. Rolling Out-And-Up to an OTM Strike
14. Using Multiple Exit Strategies
Section II. Exit Strategies for Selling Cash-Secured Puts
15. What is Selling Cash-Secured Puts? Intro & Preview Example
16. 3% Guideline
17. 10% Guideline
18. 20% Guideline
19. Allowing Exercise
20. Closing ITM Puts
21. Expire Worthless
22. Rolling-Down an ITM Strike
23. Rolling-In
24. Rolling-Out ITM Strikes
25. Rolling-Up Deep OTM Put Strikes
26. Using Multiple Exit Strategies
27. PCP (Put-Call-Put) Strategy

The CEO Setup Spreadsheet (shown above and here) will guide us as to the best way to setup our portfolios to meet our diversification and cash allocation requirements:

DISCLAIMER: The information is being provided is for educational purposes only and is not financial advice or recommendation to by or sell anything. Please speak with a qualified financial advisor before placing any trades. We highly recommend the you paper trade until you are comfortable with the BCI process.

The Trade Management Calculator (TMC) will facilitate trade entries, initial trade calculations, initial total portfolio calculations, show exit strategy price points, provide exit strategy choices, allow for trade adjustments and calculate final post-adjusted trade and total portfolio returns. A Trade Journal for note-taking is also available in this spreadsheet. There is no other spreadsheet of its kind, anywhere:
The CEO Results Spreadsheet calculates final portfolio and benchmark (S&P 500) results and compares their price performance:
CEO Strategy advantages

User-friendly and time-efficient:

  •   The pool of underlying securities is reduced from over 8000 to 11
  •   The number of exit strategy considerations is reduced from 14 to 4
  •   The spreadsheets will facilitate portfolio construction and calculations
    Monthly & Annualized returns:
  •    In most market conditions, this new strategy approach will provide us with the opportunity to beat the market on a consistent basis and much of the time significantly
    Portfolio volatility: 
  •    Because we are lowering our cost-basis when we sell covered call options, the price movement of our portfolio cash value will be substantially less volatile than the overall market

Who will benefit from this new strategy approach?

I see this as a strategy appealing to those who work long hours, perhaps raising a family or those still in school with limited time to dedicate to self-investing. Those in retirement who look to generate additional income but do not want to detract from hobbies or family activities, will also be attracted to this CEO approach.

There is no single strategy that is right for every investor. I spent 3 years working on a strategy blueprint that will benefit those who want to become financially independent and CEOs of their own money while still aligning with challenging personal, family and work schedules.

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