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Complete DVD Bundle Package


Covered Call Writing 4 DVD + Workbook – Selling Cash-Secured Puts 2 Part DVD Series+ Workbook + Exit Strategies for Covered Call 2 Part DVD Series+ Workbook.

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Bundle Package

Selling Cash-Secured Puts Basic And Advanced Principles

2 Part DVD Series+ Workbook * A live seminar presentation and Q&A*

Seliing Cash-Secured Puts is a 2 part DVD Series + workbook. All aspects of Put-Selling including stock selection, option selection and position management. The Companion Workbook contains 50 all-color pages of all charts, graphs and slides. You will also get a BONUS DVD of the 10 Most Costly Mistakes Made By Put-Sellers. Download Table Of Contents (PDF)

Exit Strategies for Covered Call Writing Package

2 Part DVD Series+ Workbook

A live seminar presentation and extensive Q&A of ALL scenarios that can arise after entering a covered call position and how to manage them to help mitigate losses and enhance gains. The Companion Workbook contains 47 all-color pages of all charts, graphs and slides used during the presentation. Download Table Of Contents (PDF)

DVD Series: Covered Call Writing

Covered Call Writing Package – 4 DVD Series + Companion Workbook

Three Live seminar presentations of ALL Basic and Advanced Strategies PLUS Practical Applications (121 page all-color Companion Workbook included.)

Selling Cash-Secured Puts Preview 

Exit Strategies Preview 

Covered Call Writing Preview 

Introductory DVD

Course overview and how to best utilize the DVD series

Basic Seminar

  • Title
  • Disclaimer
  • Preview Example
  • Why Sell Options?
  • Golden Rules
  • Definitions
  • Components of an Options Contract
  • Covered call Writing: Definition and Risk
  • Maximizing Profits
  • The System
  • Fundamental Analysis
  • Technical Analysis
  • Weekly Stock Screen and Watch List
  • The Options Chain
  • Calculations
  • Position Management
  • Our Goal: 2-4% per Month
  • Summary
  • Educational Products

Advanced Seminar

  • Title
  • Basic Seminar Summary
  • Derek Jeter!
  • Preview Review
  • Technical Analysis
  • Calculations
  • Portfolio Diversification and Cash Allocation
  • Portfolio manager
  • Exit Strategies
  • Prior to Expiration Friday
  • On or Near Expiration Friday
  • Common Sense Factors
  • Stock Splits and Non-Standard Contracts
  • Diversification and Dollar-Cost-Averaging
  • Exchange-Traded-Funds: ETFs
  • The Greeks and Beta
  • Volume and Open Interest
  • Protective Puts- Collar Strategy
  • Compounding and Geometric Progression
  • Contact Information

Practical Application

  • Title
  • Locating the Greatest Stocks and Industries
  • Technical Analysis Review
  • Common Sense Factors
  • The Premium Report
  • Exchange-Traded-Funds
  • Cash Allocation
  • The Options Chain and Ellman Calculator
  • Initial and Final Profit
  • Summary
  • The Blue collar Store
  • Contact Information


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$199 1-time payment 

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COMPLETE DVD BUNDLE PACKAGE gives you access to all courses in this BUNDLE  available online, anywhere at anytime