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235 PAGE Exit Strategy EBOOK

User Guide

BCI Trade Management System (TMS) & Calculator (TMC)

This is a unique tool that is used to manage covered call writing and selling cash-secured put trades from start-to-finish. To our knowledge, it’s the only one of its kind anywhere.

The TMS consists of 4 tabs:

  • TMC
  • TMC user guide
  • “What Now Worksheet” tab for covered call writing
  • “Unwind Now Worksheet” tab for covered call writing

The TMC is the” meat and potatoes” of the TMS. It has 2 main sections; one for covered call writing (top of spreadsheet) and one for selling cash-secured puts (lower half of spreadsheet).

Each of these sections is divided into 4 sections that flow left to right in the same sequence as we enter and manage our trades:

  • Opening trade entries
  • Opening trade and total portfolio initial calculations
  • Exit strategy trade adjustment entries
  • Exit strategy calculations & final combined trade results for both individual trades and total portfolio results.


Both covered call writing and put-selling sections have a capital adjustment area to ensure the portfolio percent return accuracy when multiple exit strategies are executed in the same contract cycle with the same cash investment.

At the end of each contract cycle, this product is designed to printout 4 pages:

  • Covered call writing initial trade entries and individual and total portfolio initial calculations as well as the capital adjustment area
  • Covered call writing exit strategy entries with individual trade and total portfolio combined trade results
  • Cash-secured put initial trade entries and individual and total portfolio initial calculations as well as the capital adjustment area
  • Cash-secured put exit strategy entries with individual trade and total portfolio combined trade results

These pages can be placed in a binder and archived to memorialize all our trades over a specific time frame as well as serving as a learning tool as we analyze the pros and cons of how we managed our trades.

The BCI Trade Management Calculator: Detailed Video Presentation

The Blue Collar Investor’s Guide to: Exit Strategies for Covered Call Writing and Selling Cash-Secured Puts
This book will detail how to enter, manage and calculate trade adjustments for all market conditions. After we select the underlying security and sell the corresponding option, we immediately move into position management mode. There are over 20 exit strategies defined, as well and when and how to implement these plans.

The BCI Trade Management Calculator facilitates the analysis of each exit strategy by showing initial trade entries, initial trade calculations for both each individual trade as well as that of the entire portfolio. From there we learn how to enter our trade adjustments and finally to calculate trade and total portfolio post-adjustment results.

The book contains 27 chapters:

Section I. Exit Strategies for Covered Call Writing

1. What is Covered Call Writing? Intro and Preview Example

2. Allowing Exercise

3. Buy Back Option/ Keep Stock

4. Expire Worthless

5. Hitting a Double/ Keeping Stock

6. Hitting a Double/ Selling Stock

7. Mid-Contract Unwind Exit Strategy

8. Rolling-Down/ Keeping Stock

9. Rolling-Down/ Selling Stock

10. Rolling-In

11. Rolling-Out

12. Rolling Out-And-Up to an ITM Strike

13. Rolling Out-And-Up to an OTM Strike

14. Using Multiple Exit Strategies


Section II. Exit Strategies for Selling Cash-Secured Puts


15. What is Selling Cash-Secured Puts? Intro & Preview Example

16. 3% Guideline

17. 10% Guideline

18. 20% Guideline

19. Allowing Exercise

20. Closing ITM Puts

21. Expire Worthless

22. Rolling-Down an ITM Strike

23. Rolling-In

24. Rolling-Out ITM Strikes

25. Rolling-Up Deep OTM Put Strikes

26. Using Multiple Exit Strategies

27. PCP (Put-Call-Put) Strategy



Position management is the third of the 3-required skills necessary for optimizing our option-trading results. This book will provide the investor with all the tools necessary to mitigate losses, enhance gains and turn losses into gains.

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