Exit Strategies For Covered Call Writing (E-BOOK)

See What Exit Strategies Can Do For You!

Learn the best and most effective stock option strategies to manage your positions. After selling a call option, many investors simply permit the result to run its own course through expiration Friday. This will cost you money! By administering well-thought-out exit strategies, based on sound fundamental and technical principles along with your common sense, your profits will be maximized and your losses will be diminished.

  • The Basics of Covered Call Exit Strategies- Definitions
  • Why use exit strategies
  • The mathematics of the 1-month contract
  • Key parameters prior to expiration Friday
  • Key parameters on expiration Friday
  • Exit strategy choices prior to expiration Friday
  • Exit strategy choices on expiration Friday
  • Preparing your watch list
  • Executing exit strategy trades
  • Real life examples of all choices
  • Using multiple exit strategies in the same month
  • The Ellman System Calculator