The Collar Strategy

The Collar Strategy

Online Streaming Video Program with Downloadable Workbook

Covered call writing is a cash-generating strategy that lowers our cost basis thereby improving our opportunities for successful investments. It involves a long stock position (we buy the stock) and a short option position (we sell the call option). The collar strategy adds a third component to this trade, a protective put. This 3-legged trade creates a floor on the downside and a ceiling on the upside. When structured properly, we are protected against a catastrophic share price decline and enjoy a net credit on the option side. 

This program will highlight:

  • Collar definition
  • Collar hypothetical example
  • Risk/reward profile
  • Collar applications
  • How to construct a collar trade
  • How to enter a collar trade
  • Multiple real-life examples
  • The BCI Collar Calculator
  • Types of collars
  • Note about exit strategies

Table of Contents

  • What is a Collar?
  • Collar Example
  • Risk-Reward Profile
  • Collar Applications
  • Constructing Our Collar Trade
  • How to Enter a Collar Trade
  • Real-Life Example with GDX
  • GDX Call and Put Option-Chain……
  • GDX Calculations
  • Summary of GDX Calculation Results
  • Types of Collars
  • Zero Dollar Collar
  • HELE Option-Chain
  • Dynamic Collar
  • Campaign Collar
  • Reverse Collar
  • Ratio Collar (Version 1)
  • Ratio Collar (Version 2)


  • Real-Life Example with VEEV
  • VEEV Trade Setup
  • VEEV Calculations
  • VEEV Calculation Takeaways
  • Real-Life Example with ATHM
  • ATHM Trade Setup
  • ATHM Calculations
  • ATHM Takeaways
  • Examples from 2/17/2020 Premium Stock Report 
  • DHI Trade Setup
  • DHI Collar Calculations
  • SEDG Trade Setup
  • SEDG Collar Calculations
  • SLM Trade Setup
  • SLM Collar Calculations
  • Position Management
  • Summary


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