The BCI Trade Planner

Purpose and Benefits of the BCI Trade Planner:

There is an old Wall Street saying, “Plan your trade and trade your plan.” This is what we hope to help you achieve with our new Blue Collar Investor Trade Planner. The Blue Collar Investor Trade Planner is one of the most exciting tools we’ve ever developed. We are introducing this tool to our user community, for both new and experienced traders. By using this tool, we will be in a better position to fully understand and plan our trade(s) for both covered calls and cash secured puts.

With the BCI Trade Planner, we can define our primary goal for the trade (“Primary Exit Plan”) and have a defined upfront exit plan if our trade doesn’t go according to the initial plan (“Contingency Exit Plan”).



The calculations section gives us a complete picture of potential returns for the trade, including:

  •   Intrinsic Value

  •   Time Value

  •   Break Even

  •   ROO, Upside Potential (in $ and percent), Downside Protection (in $ and percent)

  •   Annualized Return, including with upside potential

  •   Exit Strategy option “Buy Back” points

    The Blue Collar Investor Trade Planner gives us:

  • The capability to completely understand and document the trade details that went into our stock selection and trading decisions.

  •  The capability to better define our trade goals.

  •   The capability to document the final outcome of the trade

  •   A clear picture of the total amount of money committed to the trade as well as the total amount of premium initially received for the trade.

Comes with downloadable:
PDF Guide + Calculator

Another key feature of the BCI Trade Planner is to provide a “Trading Journal”. Another best practice of experienced traders is they use a trading journal to capture the details of their trades. The BCI Trade Planner gives you this capability.

By using the BCI Trade Planner, we can get an overall view of the end-to-end details of the trade…from initial analysis to final outcomes. This will give the user the opportunity to review our trades, better understand the trade outcomes, and add discipline to the trading process.

  •  White and gray cells (drop-downs) are populated and then calculation results appear in green and pink cells

  •  Red arrows show the 2 included spreadsheets: covered call writing and cash-secured puts

  •  6 trades per spreadsheet page