Covered Call Writing Alternative Strategies

Portfolio Overwriting- using stocks in buy-and-hold portfolios
The Collar Strategy- using protective puts
The Poor Man’s Covered Call- using LEAPS options
Covered call writing is a cash-generating strategy that lowers our cost basis thereby improving our opportunities for successful investments. One of the many benefits of incorporating this strategy into our investment portfolios is that the system can be crafted to meet our trading style, market assessment, portfolio net worth and personal risk tolerance. This book details three such covered call writing-like strategies that will highlight:
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• Option basics
• Practical application
• Calculations
• Real-life examples
• Role of brokerages
• Pros and cons of strategies
• Option Greeks
• Exit strategies
• Flow charts
• Calculator user guides
• And much more

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This book works side by side with the Calculator Package which  includes:
1. PMCC Calculator
2. BCI Collar Calculator
3. BCI Portfolio Overwriting Calculator
4. Calculator Package

Table of contents

1. What is Covered Call Writing? Intro and Preview Example

2. Option Basics

3. Option chains and Calculations

4. Practical Application for Portfolio Overwriting

1. What is a Collar?

2. Uses for the Collar

3. Establishing the Foundation for Collar Trading

4. Calculations

5. Entering a Collar Trade

6. Types of Collars / Real-Life Examples

7. Discussion

1. What is the “Poor Man’s Covered Call?

2. Role of the Brokerages

3. Pros and Cons of the PMCC

4. Best Underlyings to Consider

5. Setting Up the Initial Trade

6. Calculations

7. The Option Greeks

8. Exit Strategies / Position Management

9. Additional Information and Educational Resources

I. Key Takeaways

II. PMCC Flow Chart

III. More Educational Products

IV. Free Resources

V. Portfolio Overwriting Calculator User Guide
VI. Collar Calculator User Guide

VII. Poor Man’s Covered Call Calculator User Guide

VIII. Basic Ellman Calculator User Guide


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