Poor Man’s Covered Call Calculator

The PMCC Calculator is designed to determine initial trade structure and status as well as various position management price point considerations the exit strategy price buyback points to buy back the short calls based on the 20%/10% guidelines detailed in the BCI books and DVD Programs.

Cells will be provided to enter the option month and current date used to assist with the calculations. There are 5 tabs incorporated into this calculator:

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1. Initial trade

2. Trade Management- Short call Current Month

3. Trade management- Short Call Next Month

4. Trade Management- Rolling Long Calls (LEAPS)

5. Closing the Trade Early

Below is a screenshot of the calculator initial trade tab before information is entered:

Comes with downloadable:
1x PDF Guides + 1x Calculators

These calculators work side by side with:
Covered Call Writing Alternative Strategies



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